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Director of Pudong New Area Peoples Congress, Tang Zhoushao inspected PDSTI
Date of issue:2015-12-14

April 24, 2015 morning, Director of Pudong New Area Peoples Congress, Comrade Tang Zhoushao and his group members inspected PDSTI. After listening to the report of PDSTI, Director Tang Zhoushaonoted that the reform of PDSTI is the benchmark for other on-going reforms ofstate owned enterprisesin Pudong. Heis looking forward to seeing the company became a demonstration of reforms, which is the best contribution to Pudong New Area. After reform , the mechanism of operation became more market-oriented. The ability to mobilize resources from the market has been significantly enhanced. He hopes the company can not only become an benchmark in Pudong New Area, but carry out its layout all over the country and even step into the world .